Most of the day was spent cycling on the trail. There were three tunnels on the trail. They were very dark inside and cycling/walking through them was pretty tricky. We spoke to a ranger and he told us the tunnels have doors on to keep the snow out. When the trail used to be a railway the doors were kept closed in winter unless the trains were going through. Cycling ended when we arrived at our hosts. After a good meal we got taken on a drive of the local area. It seemed like we were going really fast but we were only doing 40mph. The landscape looked so different from the window of a car than from a bike. I think it is because you are travelling so much fast that it changes much quicker. We stopped at the elephant trunk rock on our drive as well as passing by an apple orchard. We are now watching a bit of tv before bed.

IMG00781-20110826-1821 IMG00780-20110826-0939 IMG00779-20110826-0926


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