CD Player Repair Marantz CD6000SE

My CD player stopped working- it basically didn’t seem to realise there was a CD in it. I decided to replace the optical pickup. I followed these instructions: 

You Tube video

Good photos here

Lots more information here

The old optical pickup was a philips VAM1201/11 I got this replacement, Ebay VAM1202 it seems to be a straight swap. I got a replacement unit that had all the wires to the two motors already soldered on as I wasn’t sure I would have been able to manage that!  

So far it is all working fine playing Yo La Tengo. The only problem I have is that the CD tray does not open unless there is a CD in there. I am not sure why- I think it might be the magnets that hold the CD in place might be slightly stronger in the new optical pickup. 

2 thoughts on “CD Player Repair Marantz CD6000SE

  1. William

    I tell you what the problem is. The optical pickup that you fitted is the wrong one the magnet on the disc motor is to strong so the eject motor is not fit enough to unclamp it
    The correct pickup unit should have a dull black magnet the one you have is silver …. wrong one …
    Cheers Bill


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