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So we made it here. The ride seemed fairly tough today well really yesterday as I am writing this on the train home. I think it was all the stuff we were carrying, we were pretty tired and there were lots of ups and downs and shared use paths with people and dogs to avoid. 

Good views over the firth of forth and the new bridge they are building. 

It was a good little tour seems a bit strange to be going home and back to work so soon. It didn’t really seem like we got into the routine and tour life. It was good fun and a good route.

Due to bad Wi-Fi on the train I am posting this from home. 

Ice House Tentsmui Forest

Shortly after leaving the coop. We cycled through the forest. On some fairly smooth off road tracks. There were a few people about dog walkers and cyclists.

We made dinner some pasta, tomato sauce, beans, peas, onion, mushrooms and garlic. There was to much food, we had a beer with dinner. We washed up with a small amount of water, put the tents up.  

The flies and midges have started to come out and are bit annoying but don’t seem to be biting yet hopefully. I think we are going to have pudding and watch an episode of peep show before bed. I am feeling fairly sleepy. 

Coop Tayport

So today was spent mostly cycling along the coast into head wind. Lucky the family that arrived at about 9pm in a car and camped next to us didn’t make too much noise and I got an alright nights sleep. I was comfortable but forgot how small my tent is and how tricky it is to get  changed in it. 

Breakfast was a feast of coffee, bagel and muesli with swallows/house Martins over head. The sun was shinning. 

A lot of the route was off road and was good. We head though broughty ferry and stopped off in Dundee there are some photos of breakfast there as well. 

We are now stopped at the coop, cliff is getting dinner. 

St Cyrus Nature Reserve

After lunch we headed back on the road. We were full and felt more like a nap. We were also suffering from maldisembarkation, from the sleeper train and I kept feeling like I was moving forwards and backwards we didn’t even try any of the 100 whiskeys on offer at the ship inn. 

The cycle had nice views with trying headwinds. Most of the roads were quiet and good for cycling. There was a not very nice bit on the a92 which was fairly busy.

After this we head of on to smaller roads to St Cyrus nature reserve we have found a bit of grass in the car park where we can camp or hopefully can. 

Cliff is currently having a ‘shower’ in the toilet. 


The curry was a bit warm when we finally got all our stuff into the sleep carriage, but it was tasty. After curry and beer we watched an episode of peep show had a few biscuits and then slept a bit. There were a few rattles and the bed was a bit small but comfortable. The toilet was splatted with blood, (a child had had a nose bleed his mother apologised). We woke up at about 645, hoping for the coffee to be delivered we pre ordered one from the platform at Euston but the train boilers had broken so we got an orange juice and shortbread. We unloaded the bikes loaded all our stuff onto them and head into to Aberdeen for coffee and breakfast, we found the perfect place a weatherspoon. After this we headed out of the city into a nice head wind. We past another cyclist with a shinny new thorn, Raven sports two. 

It was a nice ride mostly a long the coast, spoilt only by having to cost the construction of a new road possibly A90.   

We are now stopped for lunch in the ship inn in stonehaven. 


Getting ready for the train ride north

So after a busy rush getting packed going to work I managed to make the train and then short ride to Cliff’s. We sat around a bit made my pannier fit and then cycled to near Euston. We are now getting some last minute supplies, chutneys takeaway and some surprise from cliff who is is in cost cutter. Before we get the train.