3 thoughts on “NYC

  1. third wheel -retired

    love it.
    jack its been a pleasure reading your little logs, so different to cliffs, youve been the pancake to his syrup. the potato to his waffle, the easy to his cheese, and all the other american food comparisons one might like to make. so i just want to say a big thank you.
    my favourite and most life changing post has to be the one about the pies in australia,
    “On the drive back we picked up two pies from a drive in pie shop, steak and apricot that’s too separate pies not a steak and apricot pie, which might work.”
    it does work, im a lot fatter and much happier for it. if there is one thing you can take from your trip besides seeing the world, living the life of a traveller, knowing what you like with a beard, it can be that you invented a brand new pie.

    well done!

  2. Ruth

    Well done Jack. We have really enjoyed following your adventures and progress.
    Can’t wait to see you next week.
    Love Mum and Dad

  3. Alistair Grant

    Hey Jack – enjoyed seeing your blog – sounds like an ace trip! Beats my five days doing Lincoln-Whitby-Lincoln with Jon when we were 18 & 16! Would enjoy hearing about the trip when I see you next.


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