I have started to record the beer I brew in a different way. There will be a label on the cap with a number look below to find what beer it is and also how old it is. 


West Coast Saison (Craftybrew Extract Kit)
180g Caramunich 
Hops Amarillo and Cascade
Lelleman Belle Saison Yeast
2.5kg of light malt extract
Bottled 9.2.19 6.3%








West Coast IPA All Grain Kit
This was my first go at all grain
3.8kg Crisp Maris Otter Malt
800g Crisp Vienna
230g Crisp Cara Malt
Hops Columbus and Simcoe
Bottled 17.5.19 5.4%





3 Get Er Brewed single Hop Chinook All Grain Kit 
No ingredients given but only Chinook hops and dry hopped with 100gram at the end
Bottled 7.11.19 5.2%








Malt Miller Mysterios Sierra Nevada Clone 

Crisp Lager Malt (5450 grams)
Thomas Fawcett – Pale Crystal Malt (450 grams)
30g Northern Brewer for 60 mins
30g Cascade last 10 mins.
70g Cascade Last 1 Min
NBS West Coast Style Ale Yeast
Thought that the fermentation wasn’t working so re-pitched yeast with a new started that seemed to work. 
Bottled 22.12.19 4.9%

Stove Topper Mosaic IPA CraftyBrews

Bottled 22.12.19

American IPA- Jon Finch

Crisp extra pale Maris Otter (5000g)
Crisp Caramalt (300g)
Centennial Pellets 40g at 60 mins and 30g at 10 mins
Amarillo Gold 40g at flame out
Simcoe 30g at flame out
SafeAle US-05 
Bottled 21.11.20 4.9%
First, brew fermented in the fermentation chamber