Monthly Archives: October 2017

Another BBQ

Sarah’s family came over for a BBQ and I cooked quite a lot of pulled pork following this recipe: Amazing Ribs Pulled Pork I got some boned pork shoulder with skin and most of the fat removed from Edis of Ely Pork Butcher There were four pieces, 2.095kg, 1.758kg, 1.684kg and 1.768kg.

It took about 6 hours on the BBQ. One piece had to start in the oven because there wasn’t enough space on the BBQ, but once the meat has shrunk down there was room. I wrapped the pork in foil with a bit of apple juice when it got to around 65℃, as the meat looked like it was beginning to stall.

We ate the pork with choice of two sauces, KC classic BBQ sauce and Columbia gold sauce and every one really enjoyed it.