This website was about my cycling trip. I took six months leave and am went on a bike ride in Australia, then Japan and the USA. After such a great experience cycling with Cliff in Germany for 10 days I thought I would try it for a bit longer.

So now after returning from my trip over five year ago I thought it was time to update my website. I plan to add a few more things to it and carry on with the loo roll section. Maybe I will write some more blogs sometime. I have moved all the blogs from my cycle trip to here Cycle Tour 2011 More general blog type thing can be found here blog. Latest blog posts are here:

I had to remove a few things when varnishing the boat so I tried to take a lot of photos
The Mirror I have got came with to me what looks like a confusing spinnaker setup. As I am new
We have decided to sell our campervan, more details are available on the following page of the website More Info
My CD player stopped working- it basically didn't seem to realise there was a CD in it. I decided to
This was my first go at an all grain brew, The process I followed was mash the grain in the
After I said in a previous post that I wouldn't recommend anything again and then went on to recommend a

The website is back JackEagle.Com is back.