The curry was a bit warm when we finally got all our stuff into the sleep carriage, but it was tasty. After curry and beer we watched an episode of peep show had a few biscuits and then slept a bit. There were a few rattles and the bed was a bit small but comfortable. The toilet was splatted with blood, (a child had had a nose bleed his mother apologised). We woke up at about 645, hoping for the coffee to be delivered we pre ordered one from the platform at Euston but the train boilers had broken so we got an orange juice and shortbread. We unloaded the bikes loaded all our stuff onto them and head into to Aberdeen for coffee and breakfast, we found the perfect place a weatherspoon. After this we headed out of the city into a nice head wind. We past another cyclist with a shinny new thorn, Raven sports two. 

It was a nice ride mostly a long the coast, spoilt only by having to cost the construction of a new road possibly A90.   

We are now stopped for lunch in the ship inn in stonehaven. 


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