After a good breakfast we said goodbye to our hosts and headed off to the bike trail, there are 4 bike trails that connect to form about 100 miles of trails, from former railways.

The riding on the trails was good, but gets a bit hypnotic at times as it is all pretty similar.

We saw a few touring cyclists and cycled with a couple of them for a little bit.

Our day ended in Sparta, which claims to be bicycling capital of the world on one side of a leaflet and bicycling capital of America on the other side. When we asked in the tourist information why it was so named they said because of the rails to trails that run through the town and a big statue of a guy riding a penny farthing.

We went to the Deke Slayton Memorial Space and Bicycle Museum that “offers an intriguing look at both” it was a fairly strange museum with bikes around the outside of the room and Space related stuff in the middle. In the same building there is also the Monroe County Local History Museum. This museum had a lot of information in it most of which I did not read or look at too closely.

Tonight we are camping in a state park I think we are the only people here tonight it is pretty basic but alright.

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