After breakfast we left our host and headed up and down some hills passing a lot of farms. I think most of these were dairy. We stopped of at Orchard something cheese factory and brought some cheese, the factory did offer tours but they weren’t making any cheese today so the tours were off.

The next stop was at a trap and at Sauk Prairie Trap and Skeet Club. Normally you need your own gun to shot but somebody lent us one and taught us how to shoot. It was pretty loud and pretty hard but I managed to hit one or two of the flying clay disc things.

We cycled into Madison which was not too bad although some of the roads had quite a few cracks in them. We were met by our host, a family friend of Cliffs girlfriend and cycle back to their house via a festival that was going on in a park near there house. There were a lot of stalls and a stage with different bands playing on it.

After a great dinner we headed out to the Madison University Union Terrace this was open to anyone and bands were playing on a stage in front of one of the lakes. You could see the boats in the background watching too, although I am not sure how much they would have heard. We were both feeling pretty tired and sleepy so after we saw a bit of VO5 we headed back to the house for some sleep. The slogan of the university union was “experiences for a lifetime” it was much nicer than any union I have ever been to before.

I didn’t take any picture in the city today so the one attached is just one of the farm land we cycled through in the morning.


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