Brockport and Palmyra

The last two days have been spent cycling the Erie canal bike trail it is pretty good and a relaxing ride.

Nothing eventful happened whilst cycling for the past two days it was just pleasant riding. It seems strange that there few and few days cycling before we arrive in NYC. The trip is really drawing to a close now.

We camped in the local bike shop owners garden in Brockport, I went in to buy a spare inner tube and asked if there was anywhere good to stay and he kindly offered up his backyard. He had a very big english Labrador called sprocket. We watched some Nascar racing on TV before going to bed. I learnt a lot about Nascar, more than I have ever done before. They drive about 400 to 500 miles in an oval in about 4 hours.

Today we cycled along the path and just came off the path to go to the dinosaur BBQ and supermarket in Rochester. The BBQ was recommended to us by the bike shop owner as well as somebody else we stayed with a few nights ago so we thought it would be worth a try it was pretty good but there could have been a bit more food! We got back onto the path and found somewhere good to camp in a park in Palmyra.

IMG00844-20110911-1323 IMG00843-20110911-1132 IMG00842-20110910-1457 IMG00841-20110910-1315


One thought on “Brockport and Palmyra

  1. Michelle Alldread

    A girl came in to Sustrans to talk to me about her work on this project – it sounded interesting – I told her lots about what Sustrans do in London and she left me a t-shirt – which I have given to Richard but maybe he will pass it on to you as you have been there and therefore need the tshirt!


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