Today we cycled along some of the canal path and some roads. Again it was relaxing riding and nothing much happened apart from a fallen tree that blocked our path on the trail so we had to carry our bikes over that.

Yesterday I forgot to say that we camped near this bridge that was designed so that horses pulling boats a long the canal didn’t have to be untied from the boat when crossing the bridge. It looked pretty good but it was just sort of in the middle of a field, I should have taken a picture of it but I didn’t.

We arrived in Syracuse in good time and waited a little while for our warmshowers host to get home. Then we went out for Mexican and ate rice and pop corn made in a Whirley Pop Popcorn Popper well I think this was a different brand but the same idea. It made some pretty good pop corn.

There is also a husky dog in the house it is very placid.

IMG00847-20110912-2157 IMG00846-20110912-1341 IMG00845-20110912-1254

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