French toast maple syrup and a vegi sausage is always a good way to stay a day. We rode out of the St Catherines with our host, to Niagara Falls, it was a good ride along the Welland Canal there were some massive locks and bridges that lifted up. We saw one boat/ship in the lock. The canal closes in the winter as it freezes over. It is always good to ride out of a city with somebody who knows it as it makes navigation easy, you don’t have to do it and you get a little tour too.

We got to the falls which although being very touristy it was a lot less tacky than I was expecting and the falls and the mist that blows from there was pretty impressive.

We crossed over the Rainbow Bridge back into america, the board control guard was friendly enough and asked a lot of questions it was hard to tell if there were interrogation or just curiosity probably interrogation.

We had a bit of lunch on the america side of the falls before continuing on to our couchsurfing host in Lockport. We head off to the video games store he works in for a mario cart tournament. I was very bad and got knocked out at the earliest opportunity it was good fun but pretty intense with all the screens and noise but it was a good experience. We had some good pizza for dinner.


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