Williston North Dakota


Today we didn’t have as far to cycle. So we got up and it felt fairly relaxing.

As we were leaving Montana Cliff, got a puncture so we pulled into a Casino car park to fix it. Then we entered North Dakota.

We carried on to Williston, where we got some shopping and headed to the park which on the map said there was free camping available, we got there to find a no camping sign. So then we headed to the leisure centre which luckily had a list of people in the town that were happy for people to camp in the garden and a free shower.

We rang a person who kindly let us stay in there garden. As we were putting up our tents a storm came in and they said that we could sleep in the basement. After cooking dinner in the garage which was very good. We went to the basement to watch a film on the massive projector.

The people we are staying with have quite a lot of people to stay at there home. The most people they have ever had to stay is 35 in 21 tents.

Williston is an oil boom town with a lot of people here to work. The oil work means that other jobs in the town have increased and people keep telling us that people in McDonalds get paid $20 an hour. The town is very much a working town.

Its very relaxing watching a film.

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