Today was a hard days cycling. It was hillier than I was expecting and watching Oceans 13 last night was maybe not the best idea!

We cycled with Jesse today, which was good but the roads we went on were very busy with Oil related lorries etc. The drivers were good but the roads were fairly narrow, they would be good roads to ride on without the trucks.

We made it to Stanley and out of the worse of it, and have got a little camp stop on a verge, there is a sign saying tent camping only. There is a shower and toilet across the road and quite a bit away.

There are a lot of transient people here it seems coming to work oil jobs. One motel car park was full of these little shed things, for people to live in it was fairly strange.

Cliff and I cooked dinner as Jesse went to the laundry. We also met up with another cyclist who we have seen for a few night doing the same route as us.

Its strange to think how these towns must have been before the oil boom and what they will be like when it goes.

Well its time for bed now.

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