I woke up to thunder and lighting this morning. It rain quite a bit whilst we were packing up, and as we started our ride along old highway 2. This road was nice a quiet with very few cars and trucks.

We arrived in Minot and headed to a bike store so Jesse and I could buy some more cycling gloves, the new ones, to replace the ones I brought in Whitefish that have now warn out already.

The shop had just recently reopened after the floods that hit Minot. As we were riding out of town we saw more evidence of the floods and the houses that had been badly damaged by them.

We cycled out of Minot to Surrey were there was a small free campground. This was full of people clearing up the flood mess. It seems that a lot of people travel around looking for work. Or maybe it is just because there is lots of work around here at the moment.

The scenery was pretty much how it has been for the last few days, and the cycling was a bit flatter which was better although the head wind picked up in the afternoon.

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