Today we cycled into Rugby the geographical centre of North America. The ride was flat and the road straight. There was also not that much traffic.

We didn’t have that far to cycle so we got into the town fairly early. We went to a museum but it was too expensive. Well didn’t seem worth the money! They had a north lights tower that was a little disappointing.

We headed into town to a 1940 dinner/soda fountain place. It was pretty good in there the drinks were not quite up to expectations but the atmosphere was good and the staff friendly. Although I couldn’t help thinking that the waitress thought we were going to try and pay with british pounds!

We are warmshowering tonight in a nice house in a park. We had a good dinner then cycled out to Rugby Gun club for some pistol practice. Unfortunately the gun clun was closed so we rode back home via the train station which was pretty cool it had a lot of train books inside, toys for children a book exchange, a half done jigsaw.

After this we cycled back and had some watermelon.

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