Today was a long ride without any wind to help us on our way. Luckily it did not hinder us too much.

All off the day was spent cycling through an Indian Reservation. We have done this a few times and I haven’t really written about it much, but these places feel a lot poorer than other places we have cycled through and seem very separate. We didn’t really speak to anyone all day apart from when we brought an ice cream and drink and they were very friendly.

For the last 20 miles we cycled off highway 2 on an alternative route which was nice because it was car free but not nice because it was gravel. We cycled this last section with a cyclist we have been camping with for the last few nights.

Tonight we are camped in another park, free but with a five day limit. There is also another cyclist here, he is moving from Florida to somewhere on the West coast he is not sure yet.

Today was a pretty hard cycle mainly because of the distance as it was pretty flat, with a few sneeky hills at the end.

We had take away pizza for dinner which was a well come treat it was nice not having to shop and then cook and wash up.

Well its bed time for me now.

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