Today was another day on the plains. It was pretty uneventful. Apart from the fact there were a lot of oversized loads, so far in america there have been none, but today there was a train, on the road and lots of wind turbine parts.

At the start there was a tiny head wind which was horrible but luckily this changed to a tail wind and allowed us to make some good time.

We stopped in Glasgow to pick up some supplies before heading on to Nashua.

We arrived at the park and which is next to the Senior Centre, we got invited in for lemonade and brownies and pumpkin pie, it was all good, and good to chat to the people there.

One of the men used to be Santa for a shopping mall that one of the other cyclists we are with used to go to.

Tomorrow will be a fairly load day so I think I am going to get an early night.

One thought on “Nashua

  1. rob

    Sounds very relaxing, you’re missing out on a riot in England jack!! hope you didn’t leave anything in london, apparently, most of london has now been stolen.


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