Why is the Aoike so blue?

I think this is going to be a short blog because I cannot remember what happened today. I remember riding me bike for most of the day.

We stopped off at a big slide. Instead of a fixed material for the slide it had rollers lots of metal rollers which meant that it was very strange to slide down. This slide was new nearby was something I called racoon land. This was a deserted theme park that looked like it was never very good and didn’t have any rides apart from maybe some little go carts.

We left Racoon land and headed on. We decided that it was best to cut the route a little short so we didn’t have to cycle as far tomorrow. As we were deciding this a gentleman who was a former school teacher/botanist talked to us about our trip, kindly gave us a laminated dried flower each and a sheet of paper titled why is the Aokie so blue? He gave us both the english and the Japanese version but neither made much if any sense, which is a bit of a shame because the gentleman was very enthusiastic.

We cycle some more until we turned off into a grassy laybe on a very quite road, so far no cars have past us.

Well we have just eaten some asda chocolate brought from a supermarket in Tokyo. Asda make some claim its the best I wouldn’t go so far, but it was alright.

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