Museums x2

Today we left our hosts house as she left for work and headed to a lawson convenience store for breakfast. I tired a can of coffee it was warm milky and sweet (sugar) not sweet as in good, it was fairly bad but what do you expect from coffee in a can!

We cycled to what looked like a rocket launch site it wasn’t very exciting just a sign really.

We stopped again in Akita and visited two museums. The first Akarenga-Kan Museum/Katsuhira Tokushi Memorial. This was in a old bank that was european style. More than half the time and cost were spent on the foundation works. Tokushi was a woodprint artist, he was unlike other artists as he did all the woodcutting, designing and printing himself. There was also a Sekiya Shiro memorial room, he was a metalwork artist. The museum was interesting and had lots of photos of the city through the ages.

We headed onto the Akita city Traditional Performing arts heritage hall Neburi Nagashi Kan Kanto Festival Center.

The Kanto festival is a festival involving a lot of poles with a lot of paper lanterns hanging from a frame at the festival people balance these on various parts of there bodies. They are pretty tall maybe 5 or more meters high.

We had a go and it was pretty difficult. We had a personal guided tour of the museum, which was very interesting and we had a go on some drums.

Also at this museum there was a old shop/house/store we could look around the person showing us around told us how the doors locked and demonstrated how strong the doors are by swing on them.

Both museums were good and I could recommend a visit, I couldn’t recommend the coffee.

We got supplies at a supermarket and headed out of the city. We saw these statues on the photo.

There is no karaoke bar nearby so best go to bed.

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  1. Jessica

    I like the green of the fields in this picture, like in scenes from all about lilly chou chou. You’re link is back up on facebook. Good luck surviving a week in Tokyo.


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