Circle K

Today we woke up to dampish tents and yet another bready feast for breakfast.

We had a long day ahead of us so we made slow start stopping to walk out on some rocks with a man made walk way it was hard to tell why it had been made. There was a man fishing well wading about looking in baskets of some kind.

Pressed on for about 5kms before stopping to buy some squid there was a famous squid place. I tired a bit and did not really like it that much, cliff loved it and eat a whole one minus a tentacle which I tired.

Pressing on further not much happened until we reach the city of our destination Aomori. From here we will be getting a ferry to the island Hokkaido the northern most main island of Japan.

We book our ferry ticket, but thought it was a little expensive but then found out it was the high speed ferry that goes at 36knots not 20 we tried to book on the slower cheaper one but they had run out of bike space. The ferries looked massive but they only have room for two bikes.

We are couchsurfing again tonight but are host is busy till later so we spend a bit of time looking for a laundrette, the closest we got was dry cleaners, we also looked for a internet cafe the closest we got was some massive games arcade with lots of noise and you had to become a member first so it was a little expensive.

We found a lovely spot for dinner the Circle K conveyance store carpark near the bins!

Tomorrow a new island!

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