A new island

Today we woke after going to bed a bit to late, collected a kindly prepared packed breakfast said our good byes and headed to the ferry port after collecting some lunch from a supermarket on the way.

Collection of the prebooked ticket went fine and we were soon waiting in a small line. After the cars and lorries went on we rode on. I nearly went up stairs but this was the wrong way and we parked our bikes and the guy lashing them down looked for a stand there was no we lent them against, the wall and then went upstairs on an escalator.

The ferry was very nicely ikea furnished and I read and slept a bit on the crossing.

We arrived in Hakodate and after collecting dinner head of on route 5. Heading a long this route we found a nice rest area by a lake. The only problem is all the mosquitoes. It is now pudding time (danish) before bed.

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