Tom cat creak rest area

A slow start today as we didn’t have to far too go and two cups of coffee made us drink them. And the sun was drying out or stuff so nicely it seemed a shame to leave.

There were a few curious magpies and other birds that were fighting amongst themselves. Lucky the magpies did not attack us.

The ride was along the highway and fairly uneventful, the road was nice an smooth. Normally when in a car I don’t like concrete roads that much but on a bike they seem to be fine.

We stopped in a small town, called Kew for lunch were we brought some bread refilled our water bottles and got 5 of yesterdays pies for $5 we are not sure how we are going to cook them yet but they should be okay to eat cold or slightly warm.

The rest area seems fairly good so far. I do have to say that the rest areas in Queensland seemed to be a lot better equipped than those that we have stayed in so far in New South Wales, there a few more we have left to stay in so I will keep you updated. NSW also have this annoying habbit of putting toilet roll on square holders meaning the roll does not roll.

The pies are warming on top of the pasta pan I think we will heat them up on a bed of dry rice.

It could be a while until the pies are cooked. I shall let you know how they go tomorrow.

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