Another puncture and another 120kms

We left our hosts house early, we were on the road by 7am, this was because he was riding in the same direction as us to join a bike group ride at about 8ish. We made good time and got there in time for us to have a chat with some of the cyclists, help jump start a car at the petrol station before saying our goodbyes.

We carried on riding fairly quickly till we came to a supermarket. I got a nail in my tyre which was a bit annoying but not the tyres fault that the tube went down, I am still fairly impressed with the new tyre I brought.

We brought a subway foot long pizza sandwich to share, our first extravagance and our first lunch of the day. The purchase of the sandwich, or sub as some would call it gave me access to the staff toilet, allowing me to wash the oil of my hands from the earlier repair. We headed on and by about 1pm we had covered 100kms I am not sure how we did it so fast, I think it must have been the early start and good road and weather conditions.

We stopped for a pie just outside Kempsey, a famous pie place, the pie was pretty good chicken, honey, chilli and garlic our second lunch followed by chocolate spread and peanut butter. There were two very out of place and cheap statues of Marylin Monrow at the pie cafe very strange.

Kempsey seemed like a strange town, it seemed like there was not that much money there and after picking up food we headed to a rest area that was pretty hard to find as it was meant for people travelling in the other direction. We past what looked like a fake rest area and there was a plug socket in a tree, it was pretty strange and pretty temping to see if it worked or not but I couldn’t be bothered to get my charger out to find out if it did or not.

Well that’s all for today. No kangaroos.

One thought on “Another puncture and another 120kms

  1. Hayley bourne

    U must be a lean mean fighting machine after all this cycling!! Are u missing a bed or will u manage to break up the camping with a hostel or 2? I have some good news-I’ve been offered a job in London so am on the move! Hoping u will cone and live here too on ur return! Anyhow, keep safe and eat lots xxx


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