750 x 2

So the pies sort of worked, if we had had more rice I think it would have been better, 2 out of the 3 pies that were warm. By warm I mean not cold.

We left the rest area and headed back onto the highway. We were not on the highway for 10kms to head into Taree for a supermarket stock up. Taree was of the highway and added a few kms to the journey but this was the only place with shops. Strange town seemed a bit dead maybe that’s sunday morning but there was a garage sale, a go cart for sale as well as a boat.

Back on the highway and there were a few hills. There was a lovely downhill but this was followed by a massive up hill. It seems that nothing in cycling is for free.

Lunch was a low key affair at a petrol station that had a lot of lorries. The picnic tables were located in a bog, the heavy bikes sank nicely.

We refuelled our petrol cooker bottle at a cost of 65 cents. I asked the lorry driver how big his fuel tanks were he said he had 2, 750 litre tanks, but he could only fill up to $999 dollars on one refuel.

We headed off again, to find that the rest area where we planned to camp was shut due to some massive road works in the area. So we headed into Bulahdelah and found a park behind a library. Hopefully nobody will mind us camping here.

Early start tomorrow as we have to make a ferry no coffee for us not sure how this will go.

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