Sweat suncream sweat bike

Today was the first day cycling. We left Cairns with our host and went to a few stores. Cliff got a spork to replace the one left in singapore. I looked for some tent pegs but they only seemed to have ones suitable for massive tents.

Our host cycled with us for the first 10kms or so and got us on to highway 1 the road that we will be following for some time all the way down to Sydney. Well all the time we are in this country, unless we get lost or choice a different route, which is unlikely as there is only one road.

All the towns we went through on the way were fairly small and sort of how I imagine american towns to be, very focused around the main street.

We picked up a bit of food at a spar in Babinda and camped near a rest stop nearby. There was a cold shower water and toilets.

The first day went pretty well, even though there were times we it was so hot and sweaty it was crazy. It seems like there is never any shade and sometimes there is a bit of a head wind.

The second days cycling started at about 8:30 we got up at six this wasn’t to bad. Although an earlier start would have been better, to avoid some of the heat.

The heat seemed worse today although I am not sure if it was or not. We covered a fair distance it was pretty tough, in some place.

I feel that from now on most days are going to be pretty similar this is not a bad thing, it just means that blogs might become a bit dull! Well hopefully not I shall try and find the interesting bits.

Well its bedtime.

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  1. tess and sam

    nice pic jack! Sounds like you are having a good time, keep us updated on where you are. Have fun!


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