Frogs et al

Today, well yesterday was a toughie, long it terms of the ride length 110kms and the heat. There was a small climb which left us gasping and decent which was over all too quickly.

After 3 days the bike is holding up well so far. Two of the most useful bits of kit so far are a head torch and a silk sleeping bag liner.

The blackberry phone and t mobiles bb worldwide booster are also great for keeping in touch and writing things like this.

Well back to the day after the hill there was a little road side stall selling fruit and veg. The cheapest thing was a pineapple a $1 we had one straight off and the man cut it there and then it was good. We had a second and our mouths started to burn telling us that a whole pineapple each consumed within a few seconds was not the best idea.

We had a nice chat with the store holder. He told us that, that lady just there, (she was getting in a car) husband was a morning tv presenter. I didn’t enquire further. But thought where does he do that as the towns round here all seem fairly small. Maybe it was local radio.

We cycled on for a while and found the driver reviver. On the map it said it had water it did but it said that it was not suitable for drinking. Which was annoying as it meant that we had to boil and use water purification tables. We also had to boil the water in the pan we cook everything in. After the boil the water had a fat film on top we decided to leave it till the morning let it cool down and enjoy tomorrow.

As it got darker the frogs came out and it was the most frogs I have ever seen. They just came out and sat near the lights and eat the flies up.

Please note in the photo I didn’t damage the sign it had already fallen down, I didn’t want anyone to think I was a vandal. It just made a good photo!

One thought on “Frogs et al

  1. Hayley Bourne

    Hey Jackadee!

    Loving your random updates and can’t get over the distances you are cycling! very impressive 🙂 Keep safe and don’t drink dodgy water, that’s my advice. Also be careful of fresh fruit….although it sounds like you simply overdosed on pineapple!

    keep sending updates

    Hayley xxxx


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