Today we decided to upgrade and trade in our bikes for a 4×4 and horsebox caravan.

With such a big distance to cover we felt that it was the only way we could do it, with the time span available.

Some might say this is opting out too soon but well cars are easier to drive than bikes are to ride.

All of the above is fiction! Don’t worry we are still on our bikes, although if anyone wants to give us a camper van we won’t say no.

Today we cycled it is becoming a little more routine. But the operation is far from slick mainly due to me! There is so much stuff so many bags well it is hard to remember where you have put that thing you have now forgot you were looking for!

The headwind was horrible today it meant it much harder, but we came further than originally planned.

We stop off at two bad shops the first Frostie Mangos which a few people had mentioned it was basically a fancy service station with prices through the roof.

We felt we should buy something so shared a 1.25 litre of coke. And hoped there would be a water tape. I got told me the girl behind the till no but there was a servo (service station). As we were enjoying a coke and other food we had not brought at the shop. We got told that these tables were for customers only. I explained that we had brought a coke, and silent thought that at $5.50 we should have a right to sit at the table.

After this happened we then got told that no bikes were allowed so we left.

At the next services station we asked if they had a tap they said no. She was just fairly unhelpful, and very slow at serving people. In the end I brought some water it was very cold and tasted good.

We headed on to Rockville were we got some water from a helpful general store lady. It looked like an interesting place lots of bridges.

So far we have had a 100% success rate in getting train drivers to blow their whistles at us and a 50% success rate with lorries. Lorries are less exciting and more frequent so we don’t signal to them as often. In total the scores are 3whistles to 4waves.

One thought on “Upgrade

  1. third wheel -retired

    for one second i thought you actually had upgraded.
    for one second i thought you had cracked cliff.
    i pictured a very miserable looking man cursing you and everything else around him.
    im glad to see that that was only a jest.
    long live the bike!
    -looks like pretty tough going.
    and day after day too. putting in that much effort every day kind of messes your mind up and makes everything quite detached and a little dreamy, a nice side effect to a tough situation. only had that when i was on my own in india, but then i was sleeping in a bed and had Parle G power.
    have you guys been hitting the vegiemite?
    luv stu.


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