The last day before the bike ride

For the last day before we started cycling we did something very touristy, but we felt that we should do it before we left. We got up fairly early then cycled into town, and went to the tourist information place, and book ourselves on a boat trip, snorkel and semisub trip.

The boat to green island took about 50mins once there we were free to snorkel, the water was fairly shallow which made swimming hard. We saw a fair few fish and coral which was good, but I found it a bit hard to see as I couldn’t wear my glasses. We had our lunch which we borough at the supper market, Woolworth’s we were still shocked at how expensive food was.

We sat on the beach and enjoyed the sun. Awaiting out semi-sub tour. The semi-sub took us out the reefs. There were a lot of fish to see, and a few turtles which I didn’t see.

After the tour we walked around the island, and then got our return boat back.

We popped to the supermarket and chemists for a few bits before heading back to our hosts.

We had a quick shower and put some washing on before being collected by Cliff friends from Sydney who were staying in Port Douglas which is a bit further up the coast from Cairns we went out for a meal at a burger place then headed home and doing a bit of packing. We got to bed fairly early.

One thought on “The last day before the bike ride

  1. Celia

    Sounds brill so far, good luck with your first day cycling, i look forward to the next instalment!


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