Sunset Tower

We left the riders rest and continued up the coast. The wind picked up and reminded me of cycling in Australia.

I haven’t spoken much about the cycling aspect of the trip, I think this is because the riding just happens, and I am not really sure how. The bike is lovely to ride, and is still going well. So far so good when it comes to the mechanics of it.

As we were cycling today there were a lot of motorbikes a lot of Harley Davidsons, some with handle bars about 5 meters in the air they didn’t look comfy. There were a few waves and thumbs up, and one biker asked for his photo to be taken in front of the big bear pictured.

There was also somebody on a very small bike that looked like the bike they used in Dumb and Dumber.

Lunch was a 7-11 bento box, rice bit of meat and sauce.

After lunch we headed on to Enbetsu. We found a nice campsite that seemed to be closed and are planning to stay here strangely all the water and lights, toilet block is still open.

There are a lot of frogs making noise.

After dinner we quickly climbed a viewing tower to watch the sunset behind a radio or tv transmission aerial. It set very fast and looked good with a island to the right.

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