Fishermans House

Its late so this won’t be very long!

We cycled alone some lovely coastline with nice views of islands today, and by some luck managed to find the riders house which was recommended to us by somebody in the last riders house. We found it mainly by luck and bit by the photo we took of a photo of it.

Lucky there was somebody nearby who spoke english, otherwise it would have been very hard to explain that we wanted to stay for two nights.

They were worried about us not liking the food and being unable to use a futon but we were okay!

Dinner was included in the deal. Dinner was a lot of raw fish it was tasty, we had to wash up after ourselves.

The room is above the fish shop and there are a few motorcyclists staying aswell.

I watch the sunset over the sea which was good, the sky was very red.

The fisherman and his wife gave us some snacks and saké. Saké was like nothing I have tasted before, it is very clear, and I am not really sure how other to describe it. I am painting a very vivid picture aren’t I!

Tomorrow night we are staying in the same place as tonight and cycling to the northern most point on the ‘mainland’ of Japan.

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