The North

Today we cycled to the northern most point on the Japanese ‘mainland’. There are some island further north but we weren’t that easy to get to.

This was the first ride we did with out much luggage as we were staying in the same place as we stayed the night before. It was good riding without a lot of luggage, and meant that we go a little faster, this is only the second time we have stayed in the same place for more than one night on the trip.

The northern most point had a few attractions like a sign and shop, and a number of memorials to different events. And some peace bells. There was also photographer who jumped very quickly out of his car to take photos of the bus loads of tour groups.

After reaching the northern most point we headed back, this is the first time we have ever gone back the way we came, it didn’t seem as strange as I thought it might do. It did seem a bit strange I guess and despite cycling 70kms it felt like a day off.

We will be heading back the same way as we came for the next few days as we make our way back to a port, (a different one to the one we came into) before getting a ferry back south to a port that is about a days ride from Tokyo.

We are just watching a Japanese film about cycle couriers. It is hard to understand what is going on but the gist is that it is bikes v motorbikes.

After dinner which was grilled fish we headed to the onsen and watch the setting from the outside pool.

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