Free Shower

Short blog today as its a bit late and I am sleepy.

We left the fishermans, youth hostel, riders house after two nights there. There was a photo before we left, and they gave us frozen water bottles that defrosted much quicker than expected, and some rice and egg which we eat as a snack.

We cycled back the way we came but in much worse weather it was raining and windy there was a lot of water on the road and it was hard to tell how deep the puddles were.

Every time a lorry went past we got a free shower, this wasn’t very nice! Despite wearing full waterproofs I still got wet, and I don’t trust anything that claims to be waterproof expect for my bags which luckily seem to keep most things dry.

We stopped for the night in the same campsite as we stayed three nights before. This was good because there is a large shelter so we could hang things out to dry. Although they are not drying that quick.

We watched a bit of a tv program tonight about Mark Beaumont who held the world record for cycling around the world, and drank a bit of whisky which we brought from a connivance store. It is from the distillery we visited a few days ago. The rain seems to have stopped but the wind has picked up.

Bed time!

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