Tokyo Bound

Today we carried on our journey back to Tokyo. Today we did not have as far to go as we were aiming for Tomamae.

The journey was slow as there was a significant head wind. The weather was dull and not much happened whilst we were riding. Whilst we were stopping to take a picture of a big penguin which might not be a penguin but different bird another touring cyclist pulled in for a chat. He spoke very good english and he explained that he was retired and used to work in forestry and now teaches at a university but takes the summers off to holiday. He had recently visited manchester and norwich.

It was good to chat to him and have a look at his bike it was a an normal size bike but the frame could be taken apart.

After this little break we carried on had lunch at the same 7-11 we stopped at on the way north and went back to the same supermarket and brought similar ingredients for dinner as we had on the way north. We stopped at a campsite in Tomamae on a cliff top, the view would have been nice but it was so dull you couldn’t really see anything at all. This was the first nights camping we have paid for on the trip, it cost ¥500 each which was not so bad. We went to the Onsen nearby which had a great view over the harbour were I watched the night draw in.

The onsen was very relaxing, hopefully the wind will have died down a bit for tomorrow.

I forgot to mention that we visited a very strange museum it was a local history museum, everything was in Japanese so it was hard to understand. There was everything in there from a life size reconstruction of a bear attack to dinosaur bones and a chain saw and strimmer.

When cycling around Japan I have seen a lot of people strimming, grass. These are not normal strimmers though they are like a strimmer but were the strimmer twine would normally go there is basically a circular saw blade. I am not sure how safe these are and what advantages they have over regularly strimmers.

The wind still seems to be here still and inside my tent sounds very similar to how I imagine being inside a packet of crisps would be.

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