Back at Rumoi Riders House

Today was another short day and the wind had died down a lot meaning that we finished riding in the morning. I think this has to be a first.

We checked back into the riders house again, did some shopping and went to the Sento. It was too hot to stay in for any period of time, so we didn’t hang around. The Sento is much more functional than an Onsen, so it is not as nice to hang around in, I think I might have said that last time. Back at the riders house I read a bit and relaxed. Another cyclist we met at the northern most point in Japan is also staying at the riders house as is another cyclist we met a few days ago.

Tomorrow we are starting on a new route toward the port where we will get the ferry back to Tokyo, this will take us a couple of days.

I went on a walk after dinner around the town/city it was good. It is hard to describe the feeling in Japan, so I am going to wait or maybe not do it at all!

I have also been listening to Belle and Sebastian’s album If Your Feeling Sinister, it really is good.

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