Riders House

Today we got of to a slowish start before heading off after a good breakfast, muesli provided by Rob. The crows stole most of our bready treats in the night.

We cycled through a lot of tunnels, and had a normal lunch of rice, brought at a convenience store. Before heading on to Rumoi.

There was a cyclist camped at the same spot as us last night and he told Rob that there was a Riders House in Rumoi. We found this with the help of Rob (well he found it for us) and helped us with the check in process before getting the train home.

The Riders House is provided free of charge with donations for certain things like the use of gas cooker.

There is a large area downstairs for parking bikes, both cycles and motorbikes, it is probably about 50/50 and then there is a kitchen sitting area. Upstairs there is a large dormitory with sleeping pads to borrow.

There are no showing facilities but there is a washing machine and a public bath- Sento nearby, which we used. This was much more functional than an Onsen but it was good to get clean.

There about 10 people staying here and we have been chatting and route planning with some of them. They are very helpful but language is a bit of a barrier, but not to much.

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