Three hour Onsen

Today we woke from our river side location and packed up before breakfast, we eat in a nice shelter before heading off to the 7-11 where we had arranged to meet Rob, and cyclist and longboarder more info, we met him through a friend of Cliff’s girlfriend. It was good to speak and learn about his adventures. Rob is going to be cycling with us for a couple of days.

The weather after we left the 7-11 was not very nice it was not raining but very grey. We cycled along the coast cutting in land a bit to go over mountains and through tunnels.

We made good time, and found a nice camping spot, but first we headed to the warmth (I was going to say dry but that would be wrong) of the Onsen. There was an outside pool, and we stayed there for about 3 hours spending more time in the relaxation area, before heading back to the camping spot.

The tents were up before the rain got heavier which was good we are now cooking in the sink shelter.

Its now raining quite hard, tonight might be like sleeping in a drum. Good job I brought the eye plugs!

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