Stream bath

Our indoor tents survived the night. As we were taking down the tents and preparing breakfast to dog walkers started talking to me and laughing. As my Japanese is limited to no words the conversation was somewhat limited but it was friendly well at least I thought it was!

It was a good ride today with a lunch stop at a high end service station. We got some noodles for about, £3.00 (¥400) they were pretty tasty, and there was lots of free water from a water cooler.

After lunch we pressed on again over mountains, stopping at a 7-11 for the purchase of dinner and breakfast. The choice was a little limited but we won’t stave. This store has the best toilets so far, the toilet seat had an electronic flush sound. The instructions on the wall said that this was exclusively for women, I gave it ago. I also wonder which toilet they used for the sample noise, if the sound is looped of if the recording is actually 30 seconds long, (this is how long it plays for, unless you press the stop button). Enough toilet chat.

We cycled on and over a few more mountains and a through a 1.5km tunnel the longest one I have ever cycled through and found a camp spot near a stream, there are some steps and ladder down to it. We had a good wash in the very cold stream water and it felt so much better to be clean.

The landscape we have been cycling through has changed dramatically from the outskirts of Tokyo. We are now cycling through lovely mountains with rivers stream and good views. There are a few rice fields and very small vegetable patches.

Tonight is the first night of the trip where the camp spot has not had mobile reception so this will be sent in the morning.



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