Rain followed by sun

Cycling started of with a nice downhill, then the rain started getting all the washing we had done in the stream wet, well maybe not wetter than it was already but it definitely didn’t dry it.

The scenery was lovely today big rivers, lakes, dammed rivers, bridges, small villages, rice fields.

We visited a random shrine that was up a lot of steps it was good but we couldn’t go inside as it was closed. A farmer started talking to us for a while, couldn’t understand much of what he was saying, but he was laughing a lot.

We carried on cycling in the rain got to a village for lunch that seemed to be full of tourists, there were a few market stalls there and I guess it is saturday market day. Most of the towns and villages we have cycled through are empty, so it was very strange to see this swamped village.

As we were having lunch the sun came out and it was time to arrange the collection of wet clothing on the back of the bike.

Nothing much of not happened in the afternoon, we brought some dinner at a supermarket. In the end after dinner we were still hungry so we had to eat some of breakfast, for pudding.

We have stop for the night at a car park just before a tunnel.



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