Niigata and the next day

Today we arrived in Niigata. This city seemed fairly modern. Cycling was as normal.

We couch surfed tonight, so met our host at a local post office and followed their car for the last part of the journey. We arrived we kindly got given a lot of fresh fruit and other foods. This was great and very kind. We took a shower before driving to behind a was a waste incinerator. Football was fairly low key which was good after a days cycling but it was still pretty tough.

We head on to a big sports store, where our host collected his new bike, and I brought some new brake blocks.

We head back to our host house and got ready for the Onsen, a thermal spring, bath. The Onsen process, arrive put shoes in a small shoe locker, take the key to the reception pay, collect a locker key, go into the changing rooms, undress, no clothes allowed in the Onsen. Then shower on a small low down stool. Then into the pools, they are like a shallow swimming pool. Sit down and relax. The pool I liked the most was outside. This Onsen was a little different to others as it was salt water.

After the onsen it was quite late we headed home had a lovely dinner kindly cooked for us and then watched a bit of TV before going to bed.

Today, we had a bit of a lie in today till 6:45, before having some breakfast, and heading off up the coast.

The cycle today seemed tough it was relatively flat, I think it may have been the late night and football the day before that made it feel so hard.

We cycled until we reached a campsite that was marked on google maps this was on fact an abandoned campsite with not much grass and a shower block that had been taken down.

In the end we found a nice stop on a cliff, near a tunnel where the old road used to be.

A supermarket with cheap food made us eat a lot of dinner and whilst cooking a lady came to talk to us she was very friendly and happy but due to language difficulties communication was limited.

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