Indoor Camping

Today we awoke and had a breakfast of Japanese bready delights. Such as a jam and cream sandwich, a cold meat sandwich and some instant noodles. Due to not boiling enough water we only had a small amount of coffee.

We head down the road to Nikko to visit some temples and shines, this was the first time whilst cycling that I have paid to get into a tourist attraction.

The temples and shines are world heritage site and mixture of both Shinto and Buddhist, the shrines being Shinto and the temples being Buddhist it what I would describe as a temple complex. There were lots of groups of temples for the main ones you had to pay, and then there were other you paid for as like added extras. We paid for 2 others, as all the information was in Japanese it was hard to understand and felt that we should have got a reduce entry fee. The only problem with this was that our Japanese was not good enough to negotiate a discount. Cliff remember quite a lot from when he was there 15 or so years ago.

There were a lot of fairly noise school children around the place but once you got away from those it was very quiet and relaxing. The temples/shires were very interesting to walk around and well worth stopping off and the slight detour.

After the temple stop we pressed on. We found a camping spot in a park, a fairly rural park. As it was raining we set up the tents under a shelter. We are not to sure how this will work as the tents are not pegged down but tied to parts of the shelter, we will see how it works.

VW observations, by this I mean oldish VWs I have seen a few newer ones mainly golfs.

I have seen one VW (old garage) this had a few beetles, and camper vans. On the road I have spotted 2 beetles. One today and one yesterday, both looked pretty good.

Well its time for bed.



2 thoughts on “Indoor Camping

  1. Jim Eagle

    Didn’t realise you where doing a blog on your website so we have a lot of catching up to do! Looking forward to this as your postings look really interesting Will email some photos of our activities soon

  2. third wheel -retired

    i love your beard jack!
    ( )
    its getting pretty big!
    could almost fit a couple of japs in there.
    cliff once told me that vagrancy is illegal in japan.
    be careful that you dont wake up one day to find someone seeking hobo-asylum in that furry piece of great british territory.

    i see from cliffs extended blog entries that he is now in his element: the frugal son hath returneth.
    im relying on you to provide a balanced view of life on the japanese road.
    keep riding.


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