singapore day 2

I slept fairly well although it got fairy hot in the bedroom.

We headed to the beach, in the Orlando’s and Sam’s truck which is resisted as a business vehicle for several reasons.

It is used for their business Woods Equestrian , it is cheaper, uses diesel.
The rules about using cars here are a bit complicated but in summary you have to buy a certificate of entitlement which the government regulates. Only so many are realised each month and are sold to the highest bidders. It is possible to get a certificate just for off peak times this is cheaper, if you have this the number plate will be red. Classic car number plates are red and orange, your only allowed to use this so many times a month. There is also congestion charging here. There is a charge card in the car and gantries which charges the card. If you go into some carparks it also can charges the cards.

We had a look at the beach there were a lot of ships fairly close. We watched some people water skiing there was no boat but they sort of got pulled around by a system of cables.

After looking at the beach we went into sailing shop Orlando got some sailing gloves.

We the headed to vegan burger. The name says it all the burgers were good. There was also a motorbike there which was the same as Orlando’s a Royle Enfield Bullet.

After lunch Cliff and I got dropped off in the centre of town. We went to Sim Lim square which sold a lot electronic goods. Cliff brought a blackberry battery from an aggressive sales lady.

We then went to the Trek bike shop then got the bus back to the flat. We stopped off at a store and got a not very nice drink.

After this we relaxed at the house before heading to the Singapore Polo club for dinner. This was very pleasant I had a good meal. Cliff kindly paid for this as a thank you for all the help I have given him developing his rather excellent website. (I have given him no help).

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  1. Susie Grant

    Hey Jack,

    Enjoying your blog so far. Sounds like you’re going to have a trip of a lifetime. Enjoy! Susie x


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