Singapore Day 1

I arrived in Singapore yesterday lunch time. The flight was a little late. Cliff was waiting at the airport for me and we head off in a taxi to Orlando’s and Sam’s house. The first taxi just looked at the box and then didn’t really do that much, I think this meant that the bike wouldn’t fit. The second taxi just put two seats down I sat in the back Cliff in the front. We got to the flat in about an hour it cost S$20 very reasonable.

When we got to the house I had a shower and sorted out my stuff. I didn’t unpack the bike box as wanted to leave it for the next flight to Cairns.

We spent the rest of the day around the flat. We went to 7-11 twice, to by various snacks and drinks and then had some dinner. After this we walked the dog.

I went to bed fairly early whilst, Cliff, Orlando and Sam watched American Idol.


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