Singapore Day 3

So this is the last day in Singapore, and to be honest we haven’t made the best of it. But I have enjoyed relaxing and being in the house.

We have mainly stayed in the house ordering McDonald delivery for breakfast.

We have watched a lot of pawn stars on the History Channel its alright but it repeats itself a lot. They just brought a hot hair balloon.

We went out for a little walk and a cool drink at the swisslink bakery, on the way we all met a fellow student of Orlando’s.

After the walk we headed home and I washed a T-shirt and had a shower.

There was then a bit more time for blogging and watching pawn stars before we had to leave for the airport.

We took a few photo graphs of the house the dogs (three in total) and Timtim the maid.

We then left for the airport. We put the bikes in the back of the truck, mind was yet to be unpacked, and it still had the cling film wrapper on it that I had done at heathrow. It didn’t take us long to get to the airport. We checked in without any problems. They didn’t ever weigh my bike. I was also slightly worried about the vast amount of hand luggage we had well mainly me but it all worked out okay.

Then we tried to find Orlando and Sam for dinner. This took a bit of doing but we met up with them.

We decided to go for a truly authentic end to a time in Singapore with a meal at a lovely restaurant called Pizza Hut. (To be fair it was good and one of the nicer huts).

After this it was time to say good bye to our generous hosts and we did this with a hug.

We checked out of Singapore using out passports and visa bit of paper.

We walked around a bit before heading to our gate going through security and then waiting a bit. We are now flying to Dawin. I am going to try and get a bit of sleep now.

I cannot sleep as the seat is very upright and there are some people talking loudly behind us.

All in all the first leg of the trip has gone well. We will have to see how the biking goes!

I forgot to mention on yesterdays post that we stopped on the way home from the Polo Club to collect some Durian. Durian is a fruit, that smells bad and doesn’t taste that good.

4 thoughts on “Singapore Day 3

  1. Karin

    Gah you tried durian?! Urgh always hated that stuff. Anyway hope your flight was good and looking forward to seeing all your entries over the next few months xxx

  2. Sam Clarke

    “After the walk we headed home and I washed a T-shirt and had a shower.”

    Another thrilling titbit… Not sure you’ve really got the hang of blogging, Jack…


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