We got back on the bikes today. I was feeling a lot better and we rode a fair distance. As there was no convenient rest area we are wild camping tonight which means that we had to carry all our water.

Water is very expensive here and cost more that petrol, we brought this today for the stove petrol that is in case anyone was wondering if you could get a water powered stove, as far as I know you cannot get one.

We were overtaken by a helicopter on the back of a lorry as well as some massive tyres on a separate lorry.

There have been a few strange road signs since we got here but on of the strangest has to be the one attached to this post.

Despite having the day of yesterday riding and camping are becoming a bit more routine. It still seems strange that I will basically be living in a tent for the next 6 month or so. Being so transient with no fix base is also going to be different.

I forgot to mention that this morning we woke to a beautiful sunrise over the sea. The sun rises surprising quickly and is quite high in the sky fairly early on around 7 and it is fairly high.

Just as we had finished cooking dinner there was a massive downpour. One of the great joys of outdoor life. We had to rush to our tents and eat inside everything got very steamy and rice got all over the place.

Well it nearing 8 and in a dark wood with nothing for miles there is not much to do apart from sleep, or maybe listen to the lorries go past.

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