I woke up in Sarina and felt pretty rough I had a stomach bug or something. We cycled on to Clairview stopping in Carmila for lunch. Where we met a guy that drives one of the Oz tour buses that go up and down the same route we are cycling.

It was a fairly good ride and I felt a bit better after lunch. Once we arrived in Clairview we stopped at a nice camping spot that said camping was allowed.

After dinner I felt a bit worse we had a campfire and I went to bed early hoping the bug would pass.

In the morning I was still feeling rough so I thought it would be best if we took the day off so I could get back to being 100%.

We are camping at the Clairview community centre which the WAGs (women’s action group) have a stall. I brought a book to replace the one that I finished reading.

Things I have noticed on the road are that they are a lot of people towing things mainly boats and caravans.

There are also a lot of Toyota Land Cruisers of different ages on the road. I am not sure if they are the most popular car but if you like looking at Land Cruisers I could recommend you come here and am fairly sure you would not be disappointed.

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