Stem exchange

Today was fairly long but good around 90kms. The road went up and down a bit.

Not much happened until we got to Mackey. Where we visited Rock and Road Cycles so that I could get a new stem. The one I had was a bit to long and it felt that I was to outstretched on the bike.

The shop were very kind and did a straight swap. They also let us drink there nice cold filtered water. They also kindly let us use there plates and a knife.

We spent about an hour in the shop chatting having lunch etc. It was a good bike shop.

After this we cycled on to Sarina were we are spending the night. We did a fairly big shop in Woolworths, (not the same as the one you are think went busted in England) a supermarket chain. We shopped for the next few days food as we are only going to be passing through some very small towns/villages which will probable only have service stations at best.

I haven’t talked much about the landscape I have been cycling through mainly because I find it hard to describe landscapes in words. There is a lot of sugar cane growing in fields in some places, which looks like very tall fat grass.

There are some fields with cattle in. We cross over a far amount of streams and rivers. Often the remains of old bridges can be seen and they have been replaced with much taller new ones.

The roads are relatively flat there are some quite straight bits that can get a little boring. I hope the above words painted a lovely picture but fear they may have just told you we cycled through some fields of sugar cane, and that there is some water.

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