On to Golden Casket

The park we stayed in last night was very comfortable with plugs and showers, cold and without a shower head but a shower none the less.

As normal we got up fairly early and cook breakfast and were on our way to Calen. The ride was good and not too long.

We stopped in a layby for some Milk Coffee biscuits which are just like rich tea only a bit harder. We got offered and accepted a coffee of a couple in a caravan we had a chat with them they were very friendly.

We hit the vegimite for the first time at lunch it was quite intense and I could only manage a few slices before a lovely desert of peanut butter on bread and melted chocolate fingers.

The rest of the ride was fairly uneventful, about 5 lorries with army amphibious vehicles overtook us.

We are now in a little park in Calen opposite a newsagents/general store called the Golden Casket that looks like it hasn’t changed for years. It is run by an elderly lady who prefers bore water to town water, “I’m a bore water girl”. I personally prefer town water. Its hard to describe the shop but it seems to sell everything and is arranged in a very strange way. There are a lot of magazines, some kept inside a fridge, I think it is not switched on.

I had a long chat with an elderly gentleman who was sitting outside the store. He chatted a lot but spoke fairly softly so it was quite hard to understand what he was saying but he got quite animated. He told me about a music festival that is happening in the mountains.

Whilst we were sitting down two trains past one carrying containers. What a great invention, they have changed a lot, of things. The other train was a cattle train carrying cows.

Whilst we have been cycling we pasted over quite a few level crossings. Called cane railways I think these are used to transport sugar cane around the farms. Most of them look like they haven’t been used for a very long time but all the signals look to be in fairly good condition. I did a bit of research and the railways are used to transport the cane from the fields to the mills.

It is dinner time now, so that’s todays blog. Enjoy the wedding!

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