Tonight we are staying at what seems to be a very popular stop in Yaamba. There are a lot of caravans and camper vans here.

There are also a lot of birds making a lot of noise, in the trees. Despite the rest stop being very close to the highway and there being a lot of birds making a lot noise, it seems fairly peaceful, in a strange contradiction.

We had a good ride today, at the end I slowed down a bit and it was good to look at some of the landscape and see what was going on. Sometimes it is hard not to just see Sydney as the fairly destination rather than the trip as a journey as a whole, but today I enjoyed the journey.

There were a lot of over sized loads being moved, a few houses and lots of mining equipment. We also encountered a lot of road works. At one set of Stop/Slow (not Go as they would be in the UK) the guy said that we would be okay as long as we kept out of the way of the roadworks and the oncoming traffic, which we did and we were okay although it seemed very dusty going through the roadworks. The birds are still making a lot of noise, but they have quietened down a bit, not sure what they are chatting about.

On the way we stopped at a very expensive convenience store in Marlborough, which I guess was fairly convenient, but seemed to sell dusty supermarket goods at a least 2 times the price.

I am taking a lot less photos than I thought I would mainly because getting a camera out is a bit of hassle I think I will start to take some more.

Whilst I didn’t do much research into this trip I did look at one website that said that Magpies sometime attack cyclists. I didn’t think to much of this. But the solution to this was to attach cable-ties to your helmet.

We have seen a few magpies but have not witness any attacks but we did see somebody giving the birds some water cycle up with a cable tie helment, but he took it off to feed the birds.

Well bedtime now.

One thought on “Birds

  1. Matt

    When I first read this title I thought we were going to get explicit details of a raunchy affair with the touring ladies Australian beach volleyball team…! But no, we get bloody magpies!

    From now on Jack, I want you to make up at least one story in each entry!

    (Secretly, i’m very jealous)


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